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The company has developed a special team of experts and creative brains with special skill sets for conducting exhibitions, workshops, campus shows, Fairs, Mini floor shows, cash and carry shows, Real time shows and many other innovative sales promotion shows / activities under this division. The division is manned by highly talented, dedicated professionals. The main thrust of the division is to take the IT resources, knowledge to the gross roots of the country and also to the door step of many people and provide an opportunity of awareness of trends in systems, networking, technologies etc to the people. The division sells multi branded products, IT solutions, provide information also on latest courses in education, potential of the courses, growth of careers, employment news, etc. under one roof. The roof may be an exhibition or an innovative platform. This innovative platform could be used for promotion of concepts, new ideas, products outsourced, information on various products so on, so forth so to say in nutshell any thing that could be bought and sold under this platform.

The division organizes exhibitions at different parts of the country exclusively for Crazy to display its own computers, Branded systems like Compaq, HP, HCL, Zenith and in addition to different variety of Printers like Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Software solutions, the information and product as stated above and many more…. Crazy’s software & Training division also comes out with Specialized Stalls to showcase their different products in the exhibitions. This exhibition division gives a good leverage for Crazy over its competitors by bringing people from different walks of life, industry, Segment in exhibition under a single roof to view different products like Computers, Printers, Software Products, and Software Training and to promote sales, concepts etc.

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